designing walking routes in and around Kent


Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Are you interested in having your own walks? Would you like to promote your business? Walks can bring you many new customers and your current ones would appreciate them. Don't hesitate to contact us, and we will come up with perfect walking routes for your needs.

We are a member of KAYE (Kent Association of Young Enterpreneurs) and are supported by The Kent Foundation (presentation for KF challenge event).

Who is behind Kentwalker?

Martin Zatrepalek Martin Zatrepalek - I am originally from the Czech Republic, have a civil engineering degree and I love walking. When I came to England I was surprised at how beautiful the countryside is here, and how hard it is to orientate yourself outdoors! I established this website to make walking more accessible and I would like to promote it because it's one of not many activities which everyone of any age and condition can enjoy...
Frances Shutlar Frances Shutlar - I am originally from the South East, have a degree in social sciences and I also love walking. I have travelled to many countries in Europe but always look forward to returning to the unrivalled Countryside of Kent. Hopefully this website and the whole project of Kentwalker will show everyone why walking is such a passion of mine.